Congratulations to Brenda and Tony Wright on the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary.

Club Secretary Heather caught up with the happy couple and extracted some information regarding their early days of courtship, move to Australia and the secret to a long and happy marriage

Brenda lived in Edmonton and Tony in Enfield, both in the UK. They met in Durance Park, Green Street in the “Paddling Pond” at the Ponders end. This was in 1951 and Brenda claims she was studying.

Their first date was roller skating on 8th June, pretty soon after their first meeting. Brenda was still at school and the romance blossomed and they married on 22nd December, 1956 at St. James Church, opposite Durance Park.

Their three sons were born in the UK and they came to Australia in 1964. The reason they came to Oz revolved around a freezing winter and a friend of Brenda’ who moved here and loved it.

The current state of their family is 3 sons and partners, 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren (with 2 coming!)

Tony’s interest in Morris Minors goes way back, always liked them. His first car was a 1935 Hillman Convertible, cost 20 pound. First car in Australia was a Holden FJ Deluxe, 55 model – Tony recalls it was a former taxi. You know you are an Aussie if you have a Holden FJ. Tony travelled from Penrith to Hurstville in the FJ for work.

Brenda’s first job was as a Telephonist, taking orders for a Company and Tony’s trade was a Stonemason. Tony also drove trucks in the UK and when applying to emigrate, a Stonemason didn’t qualify, however a truck driver was acceptable.

An amusing story they recalled on Brenda’s Mum’s first visit, they took her camping. She was appalled at the size of the “giant flies” They finally admitted they were actually cicadas. An easy mistake I guess.

When asked about a stand out event, they both agreed they have enjoyed it all. Tony took about 12 months to settle but loved the lifestyle and friendship.

Brenda and Tony travelled Australia extensively in their slide on camper, probably travelled more than most of us born here.

When asked the secret to a long and happy marriage, Brenda said she gave the orders and Tony carried them out. Tony agreed.

So to two very good friends and Club members and very Happy Anniversary and may there be many more.


After a “non-action packed” 2021, it was great to get together for our final function.  Seventeen members made the trip to Picton to a new venue, same Chef, to The Captain’s Quarters Restaurants, located on lovely grounds with a view of the picturesque Antill Park Golf Club opposite.  Early arrivals enjoyed a stroll around the grounds of the venue.

It was great to see Ashif after such a long time and his Morry is now on the road and we will hopefully see more of him in 2022.  No Classics to be seen, everyone arriving in their daily drives.  I think the recent changeable weather kept our “babies” in their garages, that and the potholes that are everywhere after the heavy rains.Our host, John, who previously hosted our events at Picton Bowling Club, welcomed everyone as they arrived as did the friendly staff.  A delicious canape consisting of prawn and caviar started the meal and at this time Christmas crackers were opened with the usual pathetic jokes exchanged.  The main course of traditional pork, turkey, and roast vegetables was served on “huge” plates with everyone cleaning up.  After this course, the usual exchange of Christmas cards took place.  Karen was busy issuing membership cards and Val kept disappearing outside “to inspect the garden”!   Dessert was alternate serves of Christmas pudding with custard and a blancmange berry dish.   Tea and coffee and John’s specialty of chocolate-coated strawberries and hand-made chocolate treats finished off the food.Thankyou to Val for her most generous donation of gifts for a lucky number draw.  Brenda also contributed so seven lucky members received an early Christmas gift. Thankyou to John and the staff for a memorable lunch and the table decorations and those little extras that make this day special.Members who attended were:  Brenda and Tony, Ashif, Pat and Don, Karen, Robin and Robert, Terry Booth, Val and Bob, Terry Chesters, Heather and Merv, Yvon, Denise and Steve.A lovely way to end our year and Heather reminded everyone about our January outdoor meeting at Tench Reserve on Tuesday 11th from 5.30 pm  BYO everything.A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members and look forward to seeing everyone more regularly in 2022Stay safe

Visit the Captains Quarters:

Report by Heather 

Photos by Brenda



Finally, the weather was kind to us for our Picnic run to Warragamba Dam.  Our meeting place was the Wallacia Hotel where we enjoyed a coffee and exchanged greetings and stories of our lockdown non-activities.Ken, Karen, Brenda, and Tony arrived in their Morries and Steve and Denise in their Mini.  The rest of us were in daily drives and we set off for the journey up the hill to Silverdale and then on to our picnic destination.All of Sydney Water sites are well equipped and clean and we were fortunate to have a large undercover area where we set up for lunch.  With lunch finished our meeting took place and the main topics for discussion were the Christmas get-together and Tench Reserve in January.  Details of both these events are on the website under the Events category.After lunch, most of the group took on the challenge of the steps down to the Dam.  With all the recent rain, there is plenty of water going over the spillway.  Looking West up the catchment area, there is certainly a huge volume of water and with more rain on the horizon, there won’t be a water shortage for Sydney and its surroundings for some time.

An interesting video of the sequenced operation of the spillways is below

With a few aching calf muscles after the climb back to our cars, the group dispersed and thought we were very fortunate to have a fine day.  Plenty of rain on our way home to Hill Top.  Great to catch up with many of our Morry friends.

Report by Heather 

Photos by Brenda





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Photos by Brenda