Firstly, thanks to Kevin for organising the venue, the Waterstone Restaurant at St. Marys Leagues Club and to Steve for the follow-up getting members to commit early to allow the booking to be made and confirmed.

 We met at the Club at 11.30 for a catch-up and the traditional exchange of Christmas cards.  Merv and I have been in the Club since 1999 and the exchange of cards between members was in place then.  Great to have such a long standing tradition.

 Before we moved to the restaurant for lunch, Merv made a presentation to Brenda and Tony as a thank you for their services to the Club over many years.  Tony served as Vice President and Tony and Brenda represented the Club at the CMC meetings each month.  Tony did not seek re-election due to health issues however it was great to see him looking much brighter and sprightly at the lunch.

 By the time we adjourned to the dining area, appetites were evident and the comprehensive Menu offered lots of enticing dishes and specials.  Quite a variety of meals were ordered and it appeared everyone enjoyed their selection.

 We then moved back to the lounge area where coffee and cakes were consumed and more catching up and conversation.

 If everyone enjoyed themselves as much as me, then we should all have gone home satisfied.

 Members who attended were:  Robert and Robin; Tony and Brenda; Steve and Denise; Dennis and Lynda; Bob and Val, Kevin and Sue; Merv and Heather; Don and Pat; Yvon; Karen; Laurie; Terry C and new members, John and Alma.

 Wishing all members and your families a happy and peaceful Christmas and a healthy and MORRY New Year.

 Our next event is the outdoor mid-week meeting at Tench Reserve, with the date to be decided.  Steve will post it on FaceBook and it will appear on the Club website.  (Possible date will be either Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th, from 5.30 BYO everything)

 Hope Santa is kind to everyone




We were blessed with warm weather and a nice breeze and a good turnout from our club as well as many other car clubs, Rover Car Club, FB & EK Holden Car Club, Ducati Owners Club to name a few.

Attendees – Stephen &Denise; Dennis & Lynda; Kevin & Sue; Rick & Margaret; Don & Pat; Laurie; and Terry.

We quickly claimed a shady spot under nearby trees and were entertained by Parramatta City Band. Linnwood House is beautiful inside and out, built-in 1891.
After many years as a family home to George McCredie and his family, Linnwood became a Truant School for Boys, a residential Girls School for State Wards and a Special Training School for Home Science for Girls.
In 1999 The Friends of Linnwood was formed to restore this historic homestead.

We found Pat in one of the many rooms, raising money and promoting Brislington Medical and Nursing Museum Parramatta.

We enjoyed our picinic lunch and a good chin wag
Next event – Christmas Function @ St Mary’s
Leagues Club Saturday 16




Once again Steve very quickly took credit for beautiful weather conditions when we met at Macquarie Park, Windsor. Good to see Laurie, Terry, John and Alma, Merv and Heather and Ken in their classics. Terry and his lovely convertible had three up on their long trip from Oak Flats on the south coast. I am certain they would have attracted many comments and “thumbs up” on their journey up Mt. Ousley with the top down. No doubt they would all have had plenty of sunshine by the time they returned home. Terry’s two passengers were his brothers, Tony (identical twin visiting from the UK) and a younger brother, Colin, visiting from Melbourne. They were both made most welcome by members.

It was also nice to welcome two new members, John and Alma, who arrived in their newly acquired Traveller (which has previously been Club member-owned) and their enthusiasm in joining our numbers was great to embrace.

Others in their daily drives were Brenda and Tony, Steve and Denise, Pat and Don, Karen and Robin and Robert.

The group left our meeting point in Windsor for the short trip to Wilberforce, attracting plenty of attention on the way.

As always, the welcome from the staff at the Village was friendly and informative and once parked, we were able to claim an undercover area for our meeting and lunch.

The Village has recovered well from last year’s floods and extra attractions have been added. With both railways running, tractor rides, demonstrations and all the usual interesting buildings and contents to inspect, there was plenty to enjoy.

The meeting was the usual informal gathering with good input from members (copy of Minutes emailed to members).

Lunch was enjoyed as a picnic and a visit to the adjoining Pub and as the weather was heating up, early departures were the norm.

Another fun and interesting day and thanks to all who attended, to Steve for organising and Denise for the photos.

Next event is November 12th, Linnwood House with all details on the website and Facebook

Rouse Hill Regional Park

Once again Steve managed to arrange a perfect day for our get together on Sunday 20h August and the venue was certainly a good choice for a beautiful late winter day.

This is a busy location with lots of families enjoying birthday parties and get togethers, so there was plenty of noise and atmosphere.

It was good to see three Morries, Sue’s Ute, with Rick and Dennis attending in their pristine 2 doors.  Karen got as far as her front gate when the Minor decided that was far enough, so the Ranger was the alternative, with “Missy” keeping Karen company.  Steve and Merv arrived in modern MINI’s.

Thanks to Steve for arriving early and securing a large covered area which was ideal for our meeting and lunch.  It was good to see Lynda and Dennis back in OZ after extended overseas time with family.  Yvon is recovering well from his health issues from early this year.  Sue’s Ute was naturally driven by Kevin and well done for bringing this gorgeous vehicle from the Central Coast, through the M1 and suburban traffic.

The meeting was it’s usual lively event with lots of discussions about Club activities and Denise presented the Club with the up to date Club

Constitution, very kindly having produced, printed and collated for distribution. Karen, Membership Secretary, now has copies to issue to new members.  Copies will be available at future meetings.

Next month will be time for the Club Annual General Meeting and the favoured date appears to be Saturday 16th September.  This will be confirmed by Secretary and advice sent to all members. 

Denise donated a bottle of red wine for the raffle and as quite often happens, the prize went back to the donor’s family, in that Steve was the winner.  Thanks Denise, congratulations Steve.

We all enjoyed our lunch and continued conversation and hit the road reasonably early for the return home trip.

Thanks to all who attended and also to members who sent their apologies.

 Hope to see you at the AGM in September

June meeting and get together

We returned to our favourite meeting place in the Nepean area, Panthers, and the changes and improvements in the dining area have certainly been upgraded since our last time there, which was in the ECP (early covid period)!

 It was good to see a fair turnout for the meeting, particularly welcoming back Brenda and Tony who have had a very hectic first 6 months of the year.  Along with health issues, they moved house and we wish them well in their new home.  Still in the area and Tony still has a few hurdles to cross before he is 100% but great to see his knee surgery was a success.

 Our main topic of discussion was to alter the Club Constitution and full details will be in the June Minutes.  Thanks to Robert and Merv for the work they put in preparing the changes and thanks to Steve and Denise for taking on the preparation of the updated paperwork which will allow every member to have a copy.

 Other discussion involved future events by co Ordinator Steve Borg.  Steve has already booked our July venues and full details appear on the website.  Please note that you need to advise Steve if you intend coming along to booked events.

 Club Registrar Terry Chesters presented his updated records of cars on concessional plates and he is to be congratulated on his efforts as the Registrar.  Terry has compiled a photographic record of cars on concessional registration and if you haven’t already provided him with a photo, please contact me and I will pass on details on how to contact Terry with a photo.

 After the meeting, part of the group took the short run to the Museum of Fire picnic area to enjoy lunch in beautiful sunny conditions.   This is a lovely quiet spot and we shared the area with a group celebrating children’s birthdays.

 It must be mentioned that Karen is very proud of the reno of her beloved Morry.  The car now has a lovely shine and looked amazing in the winter sunshine.  Karen must be congratulated on using her Morry as a daily drive and she certainly enjoys driving it, as witnessed in the traffic on Saturday.  Also, she is very proud of the sticker on her back window “CLASSIC, NOT PLASTIC”  Say no more.  Well done Karen.

 Thankyou to all present who renewed their membership.  Fees are due from 1st July and if you have your car on concessional plates and are unfinancial from that date, you are uninsured and unregistered, so please attend if this applies to you.

 Thats all for now, hope to see you on the Mid week event to Manly or the unofficial Christmas in July at Camden Valley Inn



Firstly, thanks to Steve for organising this run. He must have had some contact with the weather gods as the day was perfect.

Unfortunately very few members took the opportunity to enjoy the day and it was a small group that left Hawkesbury Valley Way meeting place to journey up the Bells Line of Road to Mt. Tomah.

The traffic was fairly heavy until we cleared North Richmond and then the run was pretty clear. The local constabulary were doing their thing, heading east and west, however we are all good law abiding drivers and no worries there. There are certainly quite a lot of speed limit changes (not as many as the Great Western Highway), so the driver and co drivers have to keep an eye open. After a lovely drive through Bilpin enjoying the beautiful autumn colours, we arrived at Mt. Tomah and were greeted by Robin and Robert who had driven directly from home.

Plenty of people already there however Robert had managed to secure a table in the sun and we settled in. A short meeting was held, Minutes will be sent to members separately and then lunch was demolished. Soups, burgers, chips, salads, everyone enjoyed the food. A brief wander around the top area and it was time to head off. A few photos taken of the view and members. As we were leaving, more and more people were arriving so I feel we had the best of the day.

Unfortunately Karen had an issue with her vehicle on her homeward journey and just 20 km from home was forced to call the NRMA and complete her trip on a tow truck. Hopefully there isn’t too much damage.

Again, thanks to Steve (and Denise) for their efforts and please note that these events are scheduled for member’s enjoyment, so please try and support them.



The forecast for our planned trip didn’t look too promising, however despite a few early showers, the weather was very kind with plenty of sunshine on the ferry trip and a walk after lunch.Our numbers were small however as we get back into the swing of our mid-week get-together, numbers should improve. Robin and Robert, Denise and Steve, Linda and Dennis and Heather and Merv, with long time Nepean Club friend, Irene Young, met at City Extra at Circular Quay for coffee and a catch up.

Any ferry trip on our beautiful harbour is a delight with the route to Watsons Bay via Rose Bay, very colourful with Naval ships, ferries, small craft, and sailing vessels all with the backdrop of The Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We arrived just at the right time as we ordered our lunches and selected a table indoors, with more and more people arriving looking for seating.  As always the food was plentiful, good value and fresh and everyone enjoyed their meals.

After lunch, the group (minus Heather and Merv who had to leave early), went for a stroll to the North of the wharf with Robin and Denise leading the way.A most enjoyable day even though the Morries weren’t present, all of us using our Opal Cards on trains and ferries.

Thanks to Denise and Steve for organising the day.


Meet up at Australian Brewery.

What more to say, Great Beer, Great Company!



At last, an opportunity to have our first run for 2023. The weather was certainly kind to us, not too hot, and although our numbers were down a little, a most enjoyable get-together.

We once again met at Wallacia Hotel (a popular breakfast/meeting place for bike enthusiasts). The parking is good off street and mostly in shade. Merv and Heather were the only “classic” in attendance, giving their Austin Tasman its first Club outing and daily drives were the order of the day for the rest of the group (probably wise with good air conditioning on the homeward journey)

Steve and Denise represented in their MINI, not a classic, but a future classic. Robin and Robert gave their beautiful blue Nissan SUV its first intro to Club life!

After coffee and chat, the group departed for the trip up the hill to Warragamba. Merv gave Steve the “misguided” tour of the area before joining the group only to find that parking was almost impossible as a large celebration was taking place in the covered area. Plenty of covered areas for lunch and after some parking shuffling, we were able to settle down to our meeting and lunch.

The meeting will be reported in the Minutes which will be circulated to members. However, after a call out by the Secretary for assistance organising Club events, Steve kindly, if not tentatively, offered to take on the role and sought the guidance of members as to what types of events that are of interest. Steve will reach out to members in the future looking for ideas etc and your input will be considered and appreciated.

After enjoying lunch it was time for more car talk and then pack up and head for home. A good start to the year which was enjoyed by Rick and Margaret (welcome Margaret to your first Club event), Karen, Robin and Robert, Sue and Kevin, Val and Bob, Steve and Denise, Heather and Merv

Keep checking the Club website for reports, photos, and coming events. All you need to do is google Nepean District Morris Minor Car Club and click on the site. Webmaster Andrew has the site looking very professional.

Until our next event in March – Sunday 26th, safe motoring.