Our luck with the weather finally failed us with showers of rain, however, it didn’t stop our hardy group from meeting at McDonald’s McGraths Hill for coffee and catch up and then heading off on the run to Fagan Park.

Thanks to Denise for arriving early and securing a covered picnic area which allowed us to still enjoy our run.  Good to see Steve Caunt make the long trip from the South Coast in his flat-top ute.  Andrew also had a long trip from Hill Top, transporting Merv in his 1961 bone-shaking Mini.

 It was good to see five Morrys turn up on a rather dismal day, that’s a better number than some of our fine weather runs – work that out.

 Lunch was enjoyed by the members and Andrew’s wife, Katrina joined us for lunch.  The journey home was okay with patchy rain and another day of friendship and fun with our cars was complete.

 Our next event is May 25th to Panthers.  Steve has sent out information and will send a reminder closer to the date.  See you next time.


Enjoy some ASMR and artistic reflections from the only dry section of the trip





Except for a brief shower at our meeting place, Macquarie Park Windsor, the weather was absolutely beautiful, typical of early Autumn.  After the usual greetings, we held the monthly meeting, admired our newest member’s Panel Van and assembled for the short journey to Ebenezer.

Steve took the lead with Laurie, Sabina and Joe and Robert in their Morries.  Andrew had set up his cameras on his BMW motorbike and got some great camera work of the cars, from the front and rear of the bike.  Highlights of the journey are included with this report.  It was great to see Roberts van on a run and his grandson Dominic who was having a drive for the first time on a Club event.  Hopefully this will be a regular event.

Arriving at the venue, a very well-restored former country service station, we were welcomed by very friendly and efficient staff.  Orders were placed and food arrived quickly with a variety of dishes enjoyed.  Probably the highlight of the food was the Pancakes!!  Sue and Merv decided on dessert and what a huge serving.  They could quite easily have shared one serving.  Anyhow, once lunch was finished it was the usual Morry talk and getting to know Joe and Sabina and their story with Morris Minors.

As the group was preparing to leave, Ken and his son Cooper arrived with Cooper grinning like a Cheshire cat.  He has finally purchased a Mini, which he will restore.  I didn’t actually see the photo however it’s fantastic to see young ones interested in the Classics and again, hope to see Dominic again, maybe in his own Morry or Granddads.

The group included Steve and Denise, Kevin and Sue, Merv and Heather, Joe and Sabina, Rick and Margaret, Laurie, Robert and Robin and Dominic.

Our Next event is Saturday 20th April to Fagan Park.  

 Look forward to seeing more members at the next event and wishing everyone a very Happy, safe and peaceful Easter


Video From the day




Mother Nature was very kind to the seven  “adventurers “ who enjoyed a beautiful Sydney day.  Our usual meeting place of City Extra was as always very busy with good coffee and service.  Robin and Robert, Denise and Steve, Heather and Merv and Alan made their way from home via various forms of transport, all for the amazing fare of $2.50, thanks to Seniors Opal Card.  Woe betide any Government who attempts to take that one away.

After enjoying a catch-up chat, coffee and watching the passing parade of Circular Quay, and being in awe of the size of the Cruise ship, Celebrity Edge, moored at the Overseas Terminal, we ventured to the wharf and boarded the ferry to Manly.  Beautiful on the Harbour, yachts racing, Naval ships at Garden Island, and another huge Cruise ship moored in the harbour (Virgins Resilient Lady).  The quick 20-minute or so trip is always enjoyable, more so when the weather is Autumn and beautiful.

On arrival in Manly, we wandered down The Corso (with the hundreds of other wanderers = lots of overseas tourists) to our lunch destination, The Steyne Hotel.  Steve had reserved a table which on arrival seemed unnecessary.  However after about 30 minutes, the place was jumping.  The choice from the Menu was varied and reasonably priced and service was excellent with friendly staff.   After a leisurely lunch we ambled out front and across the road for a walk along the beachfront.  Plenty of people basking in the sun, board riders, and in the southern corner between the iconic red and yellow flags, heaps of people enjoying the Pacific.

After our walk it was back along the Corso where ice creams and gelatos were purchased and back on the ferry for the first part of the journey home.

Another great day with Club friends and thanks to Steve for arranging lunch bookings and meeting place (and of course the beautiful weather).

It was agreed that some time in the near future we will have another MWM in the City with some interesting venues on the list.  So keep your eye on the coming events list.

Our next outing is Saturday 16th March at Tractor 828.  REMEMBER, you must let Steve know if you are coming as he has booked for certain numbers.

Details on Face Book and Events on website.



Membership representation was at record levels on our second event for 2024 with 26 members enjoying the opportunity to give their beloved Classics a good workout.  

The day dawned fairly positively weather wise, with variations during the run to the dam, however overall it was a beautiful late summer day with a definite autumn feel. Meeting at Camden Showground in their Classics were, Karen, Laurie, John and Alma, Heather and Merv and Andrew joined by Robert and Robin and  Tony and Brenda in their daily drives.  We set off for the run through South Camden, Cawdor, Razorback, through Picton, Tahmoor and Bargowith fairly light traffic most of the way, with the occasional 4WD being impatient and honing past (when safe of course)  Making the turn from Bargo to head East towards our destination there was very little traffic and as we crossed the Hume freeway, three more classics joined us with Deanne and Steve Caunt in a ute and Traveller and Terry in his convertible. On arrival, Steve and Denise, Dennis and Lynda, Rick and Margaret and Terry Chesters headed straight to the venue and secured the “best” picnic area.  We were joined later by Ken and Amanda (and their daughter Imogen) and Dennis and Mary Ashton.

Great to catch up with new faces joining the Club for a run for the first time.  Morning tea was the first item addressed and then the meeting which saw some positive input.  Details will be in the Minutes of the meeting.

Terry Chesters, regalia boss, brought along samples of our stock and it was decided that our former tradition of Club Cap and key rings for new Members (which had lapsed in recent times ) be reinstated, so new members who were in attendance were the recipient of these items. 

Lunch was a delicious assortment of goodies and combined with the usual chat about cars, life, family, cars, cars!  A very relaxing and convivial gathering.  After lunch, a small group made the trek down the dam wall, it was definitely worth the walk.  Special mention goes to Steve and Dennis for their effort doing the walk and they even made it back up the hill without any assistance.

It was a long trip, definitely a good test for our Classics and the cooler weather is certainly appreciated when there is no A/C in the cars.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did and had a safe trip home.

Special thanks to Steve and Denise for organising and arriving early to secure our tables.  Also, and as always, any of the Dams visited are Impeccably clean with hot water and good toilet facilities provided. 

 You will receive reminders from Steve regarding our next events, Thursday 7th March to Manly and Saturday 16th March to Tractor 828

Video From the day

Photos from the day



As has been the tradition dating back more than 25 years, the first meeting is an outdoor evening meeting.  You may ask why an outdoor meeting is mentioned.  Well, way back in the Club’s history, monthly meetings were held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Victoria Street Cottage, Werrington and the Tench Reserve meet was reserved as an outdoor event.  Long-time members will recall the Cottage, hot in summer and cold in winter until the Council installed air conditioning.  Sadly the cottage suffered fire damage and could no longer be used and we were then offered another Council venue nearby, which wasn’t a patch on the cottage.  As with many things, Covid finally ended these meetings and our membership age group meant many were not comfortable with night driving  it was decided that our meetings be held in conjunction with our Club runs, which has been the tradition now for quite a few years

Anyhow, back to our meeting on Wednesday 10th January.  Amazing, the day was fine, not a threat of rain and sixteen members made the trip at the Reserve on the river.  It was quite hot on arrival, about 33 degrees however as the sun set, the evening was quite pleasant.  No mozzies!! Or flies!! Could this be summer in Australia?  Plenty of boats,jet skis on the river.

Merv conducted the meeting welcoming everyone to 2024 and thanked Kevin and Steve for organising the Christmas lunch in December, which was most enjoyable and well attended (see separate report).  The meeting flowed freely with the usual lack of structure (informality plays a large role in the success of our Club) and Steve reported he has organised runs for February and March with a mid-week event also scheduled for March.  Details of all these events are on the events page and facebook.

Don McBrien returned to his winning ways and took the “chocolates” in the raffle.  Can he get on a run again? 

After the meeting, everyone enjoyed social chatting while enjoying the various picnic goodies that appeared from hampers and coolers.  Heather tried to move some of the excess chocolates received at Christmas, quite successfully and came home with less than taken. It was good to see a good turnout and lots of stories exchanged regarding Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations.

Two stalwarts turned up in their Morries, Ken and Amanda and Yvon.  It’s good to see Tony on the improve and he is hoping to be back driving his Morry sometime soon.

Hope to see you at our next event, Saturday 10th February, to Avon dam.  Details on the events page.